Stories by Paul F. Roberts

  • Microsoft, Novell defend partnership, promise details

    Executives from Microsoft and Novell defended their controversial business agreement to collaborate and promote integration between Windows and Novell's SUSE Linux operating systems on Wednesday, saying that Microsoft's sales organization is now the biggest channel for SUSE Linux and that the deal will help, not hurt the prospects of Linux in the enterprise.

  • Suits swarm on 'Web 3.0' conference

    Tim Berners-Lee has been talking about the <i>next</i> World Wide Web almost since the first World Wide Web, which he's credited with inventing, took off. Indeed, Berners-Lee first articulated his vision for a next generation Web in 1998, when he called for a standards-based system for tying together all the different kinds of information that companies and consumers now wrestle with. "Semantic Web" is the term he came up with to describe what the next version of the Internet will look like. It's not great branding, as Berners-Lee, himself, has admitted, and some folks have just slapped the label "Web 3.0" on the whole endeavour.

  • Avaya to add VOIP to Google Apps

    Avaya said on Thursday that it will develop communications solutions for small business that combine Google's updated Apps Premier Edition suite of Web applications with its own IP telephony technology.

  • RSA - Cisco's transformation still work in progress

    Cisco Systems used the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco to trumpet its transformation from "packet pusher" to "infrastructure" company, unveiling a string of product updates that unify its diverse security portfolio on Monday.

  • Vista hole opens door to 'shout hacking'

    The honeymoon ended early for Microsoft's Vista operating system, after word spread Wednesday about a flaw that could allow remote attackers to take advantage of the new operating system's speech recognition feature.

  • Microsoft exec touts Software Factory downloads

    Microsoft has had more than 100,000 downloads of its Software Factories software development technology since it debuted six months ago, S. "Soma" Somasegar, corporate vice president of the Microsoft Developer Division, said in his blog.

  • RSA's Coviello making good on billion-dollar promise

    It's been more than two months since EMC officially exchanged rings in the US$2.1 billion courtship of RSA Security, but former RSA chief Art Coviello says the honeymoon's still going on, and that he's happy to take a step down from the CEO's post ...for now.

  • Vista's DRM features could bedevil AV

    A security researcher is raising concerns about a digital rights management feature in Microsoft's new Vista operating system that he claims may make it easy for malicious code authors to block virus programs from removing their wares.

  • Dell, Sony discussed battery problem 10 months ago

    Dell and Sony knew about and discussed manufacturing problems with Sony-made Lithium-Ion batteries as long as ten months ago, but held off on issuing a recall until those flaws were clearly linked to catastrophic failures causing those batteries to catch fire, a Sony Electronics spokesman said.

  • BLACK HAT - Management apps could pose security risk

    Insecure coding and loose deployments of enterprise management applications could turn antivirus, patch management and systems management applications into powerful and malicious botnets, according to research presented at the Black Hat Briefings Conference in Las Vegas.

  • BLACK HAT - NAC solutions vulnerable to attack

    Network access control technology has been promoted as the savior of beleaguered enterprise networks, but enterprise IT managers who are hanging their hat on client health screening should think again, according to security expert Ofir Arkin of Insightix.