Stories by Mike Heck

  • Bringing image manipulation to the masses

    PhotoDraw 2000 won't steal many sales from professional photo editing programs like Adobe Systems' Photoshop or drawing packages, including Adobe Illustrator and Corel's CorelDraw, but that's exactly the point. Most business software users don't have the time to learn - or the design skills to use - multiple, complex packages. PhotoDraw 2000 treats this large potential audience to potent photo editing and illustration in one easy-to-use program.

  • Adobe Web tool is slick aid for designers

    For many organisations, the high cost of hiring professional illustrators to design Web sites means the task is handed off to marketers and others without formal training in design. Adobe ImageStyler 1.0 helps these casual artists create professional Web graphics. ImageStyler is almost as simple to learn as NetStudio's super-easy NetStudio, yet ImageStyler offers more creative options and control over designs. For example, any ImageStyler object can become a button, navigation bar, or banner - and can be switched in an instant by applying a new style.

  • FrontPage has promise

    With a fine blend of page-editing and site-management tools, Microsoft FrontPage 98 has been one of the best general purpose Web design packages around. But after almost a year in service, FrontPage 98 is starting to show its age. For example, more recent packages do a better job implementing Dynamic HTML (DHTML) functions and editing source code. Based on my testing of FrontPage 2000, Beta 1, you can forget these concerns.