Stories by Tom Jowitt

  • Citrix previews Project Kensho kit

    Citrix has released a technical preview of a toolkit that allows developers to create portable virtual machine (VM) appliances across a number of platforms.

  • Opera promises faster surfing with new browser

    Opera Software, which is battling hard for market share with Google's Chrome, is promising users a faster surfing experience, an improved email client, and better browser-synchronisation capabilities, with the latest version of its browser launched last week.

  • Companies own up to virtual security blind spot

    The vast majority of companies have little or no security in place for their virtual systems. That is a scary statistic revealed in a survey of attendees at the recent VMWorld 2008 conference in Las Vegas.

  • Virtualization users should expect more attacks

    VMware's recent release of a large number of patches for its virtualization offerings is likely to be the first of many, as hackers increasingly focus their attention on virtualized environments.

  • Virtualization causes disaster recovery rethink

    There has been a "significant increase" in the number of organizations rethinking their disaster recovery (DR) plans because of virtualization, according to Symantec, in its fourth annual IT Disaster Recovery survey.

  • Scandal as UK crime domain sold to German

    The now-defunct UK government agency responsible for investigating computer crime, the NHTCU, no longer owns its domain name after it was sold to an enterprising German internet marketer.

  • DeviceLock counters USB stick menace with alliance

    Endpoint security vendor DeviceLock continues to seek partners in order to counter the growing use of removable storage devices - such as memory sticks - in the removal of sensitive information from corporate networks.

  • Technology replaces buried cable with fiber

    A company is offering a unique and less-invasive cable replacement technology, which could prove useful for carriers looking to replace their aging copper infrastructure with fiber, without incurring the cost and disruption of digging up the old cabling.

  • Study finds huge rise in malware this year

    Malware has risen by a staggering 278 percent in the first half of 2008, thanks in part to the large number of websites comprised last month, so says a new study by ScanSafe. And it warns that things are only going to get worse, especially after Dan Kaminsky goes public with details about his 20 year-old DNS vulnerability.

  • IBM joins in-memory database party

    IBM has joined the in-memory database (IMDB) party after launching the IBM solidDB, which it claims will deliver data 10 times faster than a conventional relational database.

  • IBM releases ODF-based Office killer

    IBM has officially launched the commercial version of its Lotus Symphony suite of productivity applications, and looks set amount a challenge to Microsoft Office in its enterprise heartland.

  • SteelCloud offers one-stop Blackberry appliance

    Compliance systems provider SteelCloud has launched a one-stop product designed for small to medium businesses (SMBs) looking to roll out a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) throughout their organizations.

  • SanDisk warns on USB drive threat

    SanDisk has warned that IT managers are unaware of the extent to which unsecured flash drives are being brought into their organizations, backing this with a new study of corporate end-users and IT executives.