Stories by Tom Jowitt

  • Security needs to be 'baked in' say experts

    A panel of security experts agreed that security needs to thought of a lot earlier in the software development lifecycle, and that the IT industry needs to start shipping "hardened" products, especially with the advent of the cloud and visualisation making the location of sensitive data even more difficult to locate.

  • Motorola launches LTE trial in the UK

    Motorola has launched a LTE (Long Term Evolution) trial network in the UK after opening a testing lab in Swindon, that will allow UK operators to experiment with the 4G technology.

  • New software puts 'sleepless' PCs to bed

    British firm 1E has launched a "significant upgrade" for its PC power management software, NightWatchman, which puts PCs to sleep at night so that businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and power consumption.

  • Choppy water ahead for VMware?

    Question marks have been raised over the ability of VMware to meet its fourth quarter revenue numbers, after a turbulent 12 months for the virtualisation giant that saw the ousting of its co-founders, and a massive decline in its share price.

  • Gartner shares data center efficiency secrets

    Power consumption at data centers is once again in the spotlight, after analyst house Gartner came up with a list of best practices in the data center, designed to save electricity and improve cooling.

  • Ancient IBM drive rescues Apollo moon data

    Valuable mission data gathered by NASA's Apollo missions to the moon forty years ago looks like it may be recovered thanks to a donation of an ancient IBM tape drive by a Sydney computer society.

  • Avanade offers data centre ROI calculator

    Microsoft integrator Avanade has developed a tool that will assist organizations looking to measure the ROI (return on investment) that can be achieved when optimizing their data centers.