Stories by David Binning

  • Compaq to appoint distributor

    Compaq is getting serious about networking. After recently announcing that it would soon ship its first Gigabit Ethernet switches in Australia, the company has revealed that it is poised to appoint a network distribution partner in Australia.

  • KNX, connect team for VPNs

    An alliance between a leading Australian ISP and a local network solutions provider will attempt to break the current impasse to electronic commerce in Australia.

  • HP throws down warranty gauntlet

    Hewlett-Packard is stamping a free lifetime warranty on its entire range of networking wares. The global decision, effective immediately, sees the company up the ante for many of its competitors which, according to HP officials, derive considerable revenue by charging for warranty and upgrades.

  • Intel brings networking deep inside

    There's growing speculation that Intel may be readying itself for a substantial networking investment with the news that the vendor's business for office networking gear is going great guns.

  • V.90 may reopen modem debate for users

    Modems based on the new V.90 standard are beginning to trickle into Australia but users may be waiting for some time before the promises of standards compatibility materialise at the 56Kbps speed.

  • Local e-commerce needs regulatory support

    Australia lacks the necessary infrastructure and regulatory authorities to cope with the $US200 billion-plus global electronic commerce marketplace, according to a management consultant.

  • Multimedia's punt hits the jackpot

    Videoconferencing for the home and DVD drives will be the next hot technologies for Australia, according to Brent Crooks, director and marketing manager of Melbourne-based Multimedia Technology.

  • BCA chief bolts

    Former Lend Lease mover and shaker, Drew Le Grande has unexpectedly abdicated the top job at BCA only months after taking the throne.

  • Xylan solves distribution puzzle

    Xylan has finally quashed industry speculation regarding its channel plans in Australia, appointing LAN Systems as its first official distributor here.

  • NCR cleans up with Cabletron sales and support win

    Cabletron and NCR are on the verge of an agreement that will see them melding their respective sales infrastructures together in order to better attack business in the enterprise space. Cabletron is outsourcing the maintenance and technical support of its entire range of networking equipment in Australia to NCR, officials from both companies confirmed last week.

  • Big guns fire off for small business

    IBM, Lotus, Telstra and Great Plains Software announced a joint marketing initiative in Melbourne on Monday offering small and medium sized businesses the opportunity to lease not only equipment, but their entire IT infrastructures.

  • Anite flexing up for Australasian push

    Anite Networks is planning a dramatic escalation of its operations in Australia and New Zealand as part of its global restructuring plans. Anite Pacific's CEO, Laurie Stevens, said that the company aims to double its market presence in Australia and New Zealand within the next 12 to 18 months.