Stories by Jason K. Krause

  • Why Intel wants to host your Web site

    Since IBM chose Intel's processor for the first personal computers, Intel has been at the heart of the PC revolution. Now the world is changing, and the PC is no longer the sole entry point to the Web. Intel has diversified its processor production, and has also started a number of Internet and e-commerce businesses. Intel's moves into e-commerce - which include a partnership with Excite, software initiatives like iCat and Pandesic and an upcoming Web-hosting operation - are far from its core expertise and put it in potential competition with its customers. Jason K. Krause sat down to talk to CEO Craig Barrett.

  • Lucent dials up an IP storm

    Every telecom player in the world will tell you that eventually all phone calls will be placed on Internet-based networks. Though that won't happen soon, Lucent wants to be the company that gets us there. Contrary to popular belief, telecom players aren't racing to install Internet-based hardware, which is nowhere near as reliable as circuit networks. But last week Lucent announced three new products that will bring traditional circuit-switch features and dependability to Internet-based products.

  • Down in the trenches at Internet World

    The general consensus here about Internet World was that the show is "confused". Perhaps Internet World is no more confused than the typical trade show, which is always an amalgam of companies, attendees and trends. But there weren't too many familiar Web brands showcased on the floor.