Stories by Jon Gold

  • Why Box’s CEO is so cloud crazy

    Aaron Levie, the outspoken founder and CEO of enterprise file sharing and storage powerhouse Box, talked to Network World ahead of the company’s news about its Zones and Accelerator projects. Levie also discussed start-ups, the march of the public cloud, and even his past work as a professional magician.

  • Qualcomm up in arms over LTE-U testing framework

    The announcement this week of a final testing protocol aimed at discovering, once and for all, whether LTE-U technology can coexist peacefully with existing Wi-Fi networks has the LTE-U camp up in arms, as Qualcomm issued a thunderous denunciation of the Wi-Fi Alliance’s framework.

  • Wi-Fi, LTE-U enter new phase of coexistence debate

    The long-running contretemps between the supporters of LTE-U and regular Wi-Fi, over the idea of the two wireless standards co-existing on the same frequencies, has moved into a new phase, as test plan parameters are expected to be rolled out at Wednesday’s coexistence workshop in San Jose.

  • Telecom industry hails FCC move to open 5G spectrum

    Description: Eleven gigahertz of high-frequency spectrum is now available for use in mobile broadband technologies, after the FCC on Thursday created the Upper Microwave Flexible Use service in the 28GHz, 37GHz and 39GHz band, along with a new unlicensed band, even higher up the spectrum, in the 64-71GHz range.

  • FAQ: What the FCC’s 5G vote will mean

    The FCC on Thursday will vote to identify and open new high frequency bands for use in the forthcoming 5G wave of wireless technology, clearing the way for development to continue on the next big jump in mobile data capabilities.

  • Is Wi-Fi finally ‘fast enough?’

    Wi-Fi has become so ubiquitous over the past decade and a half that we talk about it – and complain about it – like it’s part of the weather. Be honest, average user – the first thing you think when your connection starts acting up is “damn it, what’s wrong with the Wi-Fi now?”

  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi gear driving strong WLAN equipment sales

    The first quarter of 2016 has seen a 20% increase in wireless LAN equipment sales compared to the same period a year ago, according to a study released today by IHS Technology, which credited the proliferation of 802.11ac wireless gear for the uptick.

  • To Wave 2 or not to Wave 2?

    The second wave of wireless networking gear based on the 802.11ac standard – collectively, “wave 2” – is the current cutting edge of Wi-Fi technology. But there’s a school of thought out there that it’s not a necessary upgrade for many companies.