Stories by John S. Webster

  • BYOD decision points: Who pays?

    As enterprises implement BYOD initiatives, IT managers have some key decisions to make: who purchases the devices, who pays for data plans and carrier contracts, and how does the company manage a mix of corporate and personal access to data on the devices.

  • BYOD boosts Macs versus PCs

    The emergence of BYOD policies and virtual desktop platforms, plus new integration and management tools, have removed the final barriers to widespread Mac adoption in the enterprise.

  • How to avoid BYOD bandwidth woes

    While nobody is predicting that the proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise will create a full-blown bandwidth catastrophe, IT managers will have to move quickly to ensure satisfactory performance for employees accessing company data over wireless links.

  • SOA Grows Up -- and Out

    Not too long ago, IT organizations turned to service-oriented architecture primarily as a way to integrate enterprise applications. But now large companies are using SOA to create components that can be combined and reused as services across multiple applications.

  • Crunch time for EMC stock

    Since 2003, when EMC launched its transformation from a simple hardware storage vendor to a multifaceted information-infrastructure provider, it has racked up 15 straight quarters of double-digit revenue growth and strong profits.

  • Avoiding storage virtualization for dummies

    Users continue to avoid network-based block virtualization like the plague. Yet what I can't understand is why you would implement a storage area network (SAN) without it. It's akin to implementing a WAN without a routing table.

  • Virtualization's sex appeal isn't in the carbureto

    I began life in a small Canadian city across the border from Michigan. Two doors down lived a teenager named Greg, who liked to work on cars. With a pack of cigarettes rolled up in his T-shirt sleeve and a butt drooping from his lips, he would lean over the engine of his '54 Chevy and tell me about four-barrel carburetors and four-on-the-floor shifts. And he let on that chicks loved cars.