Stories by Jeff Senna

  • Windows NetMeeting rocks data sharing

    In an increasingly dispersed corporate environment, it's becoming more common to collaborate with co-workers who live in a completely different time zone, making it difficult to meet face-to-face. Windows NetMeeting 3.01, the latest upgrade to Microsoft's standards-based videoconferencing client, is a powerful data-collaboration tool that allows end users to share ideas and participate in virtual meetings over an IP network.

  • Fireworks explodes with improvements

    Macromedia's Fireworks 2, a sophisticated software package that enables Web developers to create and optimise graphics for corporate Web sites, is a notable improvement over the previous release. Compared to Adobe ImageReady, Fireworks is easier to use, and its expanded feature set lets users perform all of the tasks associated with creating, editing, and optimising Web graphics, without having to use another application.

  • AppleShare update improves administration

    Apple Computer's AppleShare IP (ASIP) 6.1 offers useful administration and security enhancements that will ease the workload and minds of network administrators. ASIP now also supports Mac OS 8.5 Sherlock technology, multiple Web sites (as many as 50 sites per server), and Internet Messaging Access Protocol (IMAP)-based shared folders.

  • Outlook Express surpasses Messenger

    Microsoft's Outlook Express and Netscape's Messenger stand out among the crowd of Mac OS-based Internet e-mail applications because they are included with their respective browsers and offer a plethora of additional features. This latest release of Outlook Express is refined by support for multiple signatures and coloured quotes, drag-and-drop installation, and Microsoft's self-repairing feature. Plus it adds some usability and e-mail management features.

  • Explorer makes small strides

    While most new applications become "fatter" and demand more resources, Microsoft's latest release of Internet Explorer for the Macintosh does just the opposite. Version 4.5 includes a bevy of enhancements, is easier to use and install, and improves performance substantially over earlier versions and Netscape Communicator 4.5 - thanks to a smaller memory footprint. Internet Explorer's Mac OS integration is greatly improved. There is now support for dragging and dropping links and images from a Web page to the desktop and Apple Appearance Manager support.

  • ImageReady, Fireworks simplify graphics

    For years, Web designers have had to make do with ad hoc collections of graphics utilities to prepare artwork, animations, and other Web page fixtures. Luckily, products such as Adobe ImageReady 1.0 and Macromedia Fireworks 1.0 both offer an array of tools to make this process easier.