Stories by Derek Slater

  • Fighting trim

    Security is becoming a keyword throughout the channel. It doesn’t matter at what level you operate, security is vitally important. This week, ARN features an interview with two security giants. Bill Boni is vice-president and CISO of Motorola. Ira Winkler is chief security strategist for HP. In separate interviews, Derek Slater discussed with them their respective visions of what’s needed to get the security practice in shape. Both advocated paying attention to the little things.

  • The riddle in the middle

    While numbers of e-business initiatives are rapidly growing, enterprise customers need solutions which integrate all their disparate data so that it is viewable through a single interface. Derek Slater attempts to demystify the riddle that is middleware

  • CU- SeeMe

    The cheapest possible solution is CU-SeeMe, a freeware product developed by Cornell University's Information Technology organisation that runs videoconferences over the Internet. Commercial versions are in the works, but for now, the picture quality and lack of security make CU-SeeMe a dubious choice for corporate use.