Stories by Kim Nash

  • In Pictures: 10 ways tech is making fast food personal

    Fast food restaurants want to use technology--theirs and yours--to create a highly intimate customer experience. Your personal device and the restaurant's own systems will exchange data, for your convenience and their profit. Fast food becomes not so much a destination, but a service that follows you from mealtime to mealtime.

  • Reality check for e-marketers

    Electronic markets, or business-to-business (B2B) exchanges for selling goods and services online, have been exploding in number during the past several months. Hundreds have been launched to support players in the automotive, chemical, retail and other industries, with an eye toward using their collective buying clout to get supplies more cheaply and quickly. Suppliers, too, stand to save money via the streamlined, all-electronic procurement process.

  • Monopoly ruling prompts secondary suits

    And so it starts. At least two antitrust lawsuits were filed against Microsoft after a federal judge called the vendor a predatory monopolist early this month.

  • MS to look at clause

    Microsoft president Steve Ballmer last week said he plans to 'take a look at' a licensing clause that prohibits users from publicly discussing the performance of Microsoft software.