Stories by David Orenstein

  • Red Hat stock on wild ride lately

    During the past two weeks, investors have sent Red Hat Software (Nasdaq:RHAT) stock soaring to a market value more than double that of the established and respected network operating system vendor Novell (Nasdaq:NOVL).

  • COMDEX: Novell's Schmidt announces eDirectory

    In his Comdex Fall 99 keynote address, Novell CEO Eric Schmidt announced the availability of Novell Directory Services 8 for Solaris and Windows NT and previewed new interoperability features in the next version of NDS due the first half of next year.

  • First users to get Win 2000 in mid-January

    Microsoft's enterprise customers will have the first commercial version of Windows 2000 by mid-January, but the operating system won't be stocked on retail store shelves and factory-installed on PCs in the mail rooms of integrators until February 17, Microsoft has said.

  • Too many Linuxes? No way, say users

    To users and analysts, the myriad Linux distributions are like penguins, the Linux mascot: the various species have different plumage, but under the feathers, they all walk like penguins.

  • DigitalMe technology clear - but not its future

    Novell's DigitalMe initiative announced last week in New York has a solid technical foundation in Novell Directory Services (NDS) and expansive potential, analysts said, but widespread adoption by consumers and e-commerce sites is far from a sure thing.

  • Supply baffles retail

    Few companies would be surprised to hear that IT is crucial to improving their supply chains, but most don't realise that they may not be getting the efficiency boost they expected from investments in supply-chain automation.

  • Stores go one-on-one

    Some retailers are shifting their marketing efforts from an "Attention shoppers!" approach to one that sounds more like "Hey, Joe! We know what shirts you like, and they're 10 per cent off today". Using data warehouses, retailers are looking to establish relationships with individual customers, rather than launching broad promotions to many people.

  • Vendors Flesh Out Details on Linux Plans, Support

    Next week at the Linux World Expo in San Jose, many vendors that once offered only betas of their software ported to Linux with little or no technical support will line up to provide concrete information about their products.

  • Developer sites not fully developed - yet

    Demand for more and better technical information is driving vendors of development tools to overhaul their developer Web sites into well-organised, one-stop answer shops akin to portals. To try to deliver on that promise, Microsoft is currently rolling out a new developer site ( as a public beta; Sybase beefed up its developer site ( in mid-March; and Inprise has been betting half its business on its newly formed division ( since early February.

  • Study sees growth in online retailing

    An Ernst & Young LLP survey released last week at the National Retail Federation Conference here showed substantial growth in the number of consumers interested in buying goods online and the number of manufacturers and retailers looking to tap into that interest.

  • The future of paper takes balls

    Put the elusive pipedream of the paperless office out of your mind for a moment and consider this: paper isn't so bad, especially when it's actually a digital display that can exhibit all manner of electronic documents. Prototypes of such a missing link between paper and computer screen exist today in the cluttered lab of Nicholas K Sheridon, a senior research fellow at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center in California.