Stories by Simon Black

  • Fight Back '09: Natural Selection

    Barely a week away from the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s opus, <i>On the Origin of Species</i>, the channel is clearly demonstrating that even in today’s tough economic climate, the strong can not only survive, but thrive.

  • Fight Back ’09: Channel in the home straight

    As we thunder round the last turn into the home stretch of 2009 it’s not shocking to find there are quite a few clear winners in the channel. So put on your racing outfit as Fight Back takes you for a whirl around the track to look at this week's strongest runners.

  • Axeze ready for channel action

    Keyless technology vendor, Axeze, has initiated plans to enter the channel and is preparing to bring on its first lot of distributors and resellers.

  • Slideshow: IT tops and flops

    How many times have you heard that timing is everything? This slideshow looks at ICT ideas that had the potential to change the world, some hit the mark, others vanished without a trace and for a few only time will tell if they are remembered as winners…or losers.

  • Fight Back ’09: Home runs in the channel

    It was an exciting week in the channel with vendors and distributors all swinging for the fences and hitting home runs. So grab yourself a hot-dog and take a seat in the stands as Fight Back pitches you the good news.

  • Nero introduce MobileSync

    Nero has launched its new Nero MobileSync for smartphones platform designed to allow better content management between the desktop, mobile handset and Web.

  • Fight Back ’09: The channel gets straight As

    It was a red letter day for the channel this week and in this case it stood for achievements, alliances and accolades as the channel went from strength to strength and shrugged of adversity. Accolades and achievement were for Ingram Micro and Express Data which were multiple winners at the third annual ARN IT Industry Awards.

  • New Star in Hitachi’s Sky

    Hitachi has released its StarBoard T-19WX Interactive Display which allows users to deliver presentations and write digital notes for projection on a larger screen.

  • Fight Back ’09: The channel goes on Safari

    Unmapped territories were being charted as the channel struck out in new directions for potential growth this week. So grab your malaria tablets and water bottle as Fight Back takes you into new ICT frontiers.

  • Pacnet releases HD video conferencing solution

    Pacnet has introduced its new virtual conferencing solution, Pacnet Virtual Conferencing (VC) Plus. The software package enables high-definition (HD) multi-party video conferencing with 1Mbps of bandwidth per video stream and no additional hardware.

  • Google Maps gets traffic reports

    Google has added traffic information to its popular Google Maps service. The feature covers Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and surrounding areas such as the Central and Sunshine Coasts, and offers a regular update of traffic conditions.


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