Stories by China Martens

  • HP aims OpenView BPI at utilities, more verticals ahead

    Hewlett-Packard has come up with a new strategy to increase use of its OpenView Business Process Insight (BPI) business process management and optimization software. The vendor is teaming up with integration partners in specific vertical markets to provide combined tools to deal with particular industry issues.

  • IBM close to launching revamped blades

    IBM is drawing closer to releasing a new chassis for its blade servers, with an announcement possible as early as next week when the company is set to stage a major hardware launch in New York Feb. 8.

  • HP weighs in further on data center heat issues

    HP has announced three products that are designed to help enterprise users deal with power management difficulties. The products, due to ship on February 6, include a water-cooled heat exchanger unit which can be attached to the side of a server rack.

  • BMC, XOsoft agreement likely to lead to future deals

    Enterprise management software vendor BMC Software signed its first alliance with XOsoft, an application availability company, Tuesday. Executives at both companies positioned the deal as an initial tie-up in what they expect will prove to be an important relationship.

  • HP expands partnership with JBoss

    Hewlett-Packard is extending its existing partnership with JBoss to support the open-source vendor's entire suite of enterprise middleware, HP is due to announce.

  • IBM making more blade moves in retail space

    IBM plans to unveil a server, storage, networking and software bundle based on its BladeCenter servers targeting the retail market. Known as the Systems Solutions for Retail Stores, the bundle follows similar packages IBM has already announced for the banking industry and small to midsize businesses.

  • CA to resell StoreAge virtualization appliance

    CA has announced a reseller tie-up with StoreAge Networking Technologies to beef up the virtualization and data protection capabilities of its BrightStor storage-management software suite, the company announced Monday.

  • Experts: Next Sober worm on the way, may not do harm

    The next variant of the Sober worm is set to attack computers already infected by previous versions of the malware at the stroke of midnight GMT as Jan. 5 turns into Jan. 6, according to European antivirus software vendors. Given that both Internet service providers and local police are closely monitoring Web sites likely to be used in the attack, security experts believe the hacker may choose not to engage in any malicious activity this time around.

  • AMD signs $75M patent license agreement with Rambus

    Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has signed a five-year, US$75 million patent license agreement with Rambus, the technology licensing company announced Tuesday. Under the terms of the deal, Rambus will provide AMD with a license to Rambus patents used in the design of memory and logic controller interfaces.

  • 2005 - Servers, storage -- virtualise this

    If you only had a single word to describe what 2005 meant in the world of servers and storage, that word would be "virtualization." Announcements from IT vendors about what they were virtualizing or planned to virtualize were rife throughout the year.

  • HP CEO: Focus for 2006 on growth, efficiency

    HP's main focus as the company heads into 2006 will be on growing its operations and making all segments of its hardware, software and services business more efficient. HP is strong in developing innovative technology, but has tripped up in its sales efforts due to overly complicated internal reporting structures, according to the head of the company.

  • Nortel to lose another executive

    Nortel Networks will lose another high-level executive, the telecommunications equipment company announced Tuesday. Clent Richardson, chief marketing officer (CMO) at Nortel since October 2004, will leave the firm March 1, 2006.

  • HP extends support for OpenLDAP

    Hewlett-Packard is expanding its certification and services for OpenLDAP through an expansion of its existing agreement with Symas. Symas is a major contributor to OpenLDAP, the open-source project based on the lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP). The deal is a way for HP to offer customers an open-source software alternative for identity management and directory services.

  • IBM to release Power specs to researchers, academia

    IBM announced plans to provide free access for researchers and educational institutions to the specifications for its PowerPC 405 chip core. The move is yet one more way in which IBM is trying to widen the number of users of its Power processors. The hope is that allowing third parties to experiment with the PowerPC chip core will result in more innovation around the technology.