Stories by Lex Friedman

  • iPhone 4S sales top 4 million; 25 million iOS 5 upgrades

    Apple has sold more than four million of its new iPhone 4S since the device went on sale on October 14. The company also announced that more than 25 million customers already upgraded to iOS 5 in that operating system’s first five days of availability, and more than 20 million customers signed up for iCloud.

  • Up close with iOS 5: Notification improvements

    It took some time for push notifications to arrive on the iOS platform; they didn’t become a feature until the June 2009 release of what was then called iPhone 3.0. And it’s fair to say that, up until now, the feature hasn’t really been worth the wait.

  • Apple: One million iPhone 4S pre-orders in 24 hours

    Apple on Monday announced that customers placed more than one million preorders for the new iPhone 4S on the first day of availability, topping Apple's previous record - 600,000 iPhone 4 preorders on that device's first day.

  • iOS 5 to ship next week

    iOS 5, the next iteration of the company's operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, will be released on October 12. Apple announced the ship date during a press event Tuesday at its Cupertino headquarters.

  • What Apple might announce at next week's iPhone event

    Now that Apple has announced an October 4 iPhone event, the time to speculate on when exactly the company would hold its fall event is over. But the time to speculate on what the company will announce at that event has just begun.

  • Amazon unveils $199 Kindle Fire tablet, $79 Kindle Touch

    Amazon on Wednesday <a href="">unveiled</a> its much anticipated tablet, the Kindle Fire. The 7-inch tablet will cost $199, <a href="">Bloomberg reports</a>. The company also announced a new touchscreen e-Ink device called the Kindle Touch.

  • JVC UX-VJ3 Micro Component System

    JVC's <a href="">UX-VJ3 Micro Component System</a> isn’t your typical speaker dock. For starters, it works with not only iPhones and iPods, but also iPads—and, even better, it accommodates an iPhone and an iPad _simultaneously_. The UX-VJ3 further sets itself apart by featuring speakers detached from the main body of the system, allowing for much better stereo separation than most other docks on the market.

  • Apple turns to Tim Cook to replace Steve Jobs

    Apple's newest CEO has a tough act to follow. But in turning to chief operating officer Tim Cook to replace Steve Jobs in the wake of the latter's resignation, Apple's board of directors has chosen a familiar face with a proven track record with the company.

  • Weekly Wrap: New Macs, delightful apps

    We took a week off from the Weekly Wrap, because your devoted wrapper was stuck at jury duty. But now we're back and ready to summarize the <em>Macworld</em> week that was, highlighting our biggest and best stories in case you missed them. Just don't let it happen again.

  • Under the Gavel: Apple sparring with HTC, Samsung continues

    Apple has enough courtroom action going on right now to fill up half-a-dozen prime-time legal dramas. Fortunately, you don't need to worry about keeping your HTC and Samsung patent disputes straight--we do it for you in another edition of Under the Gavel.