Stories by Lex Friedman

  • How to set up iOS calendar syncing

    In an ideal world, your calendar would be in perfect sync on your Mac and your iPhone, without any manual syncing required. There must be a way to pull off this feat. As a matter of fact, there are two.

  • Feature review: Noteshelf for iPad

    The iPad is just a bit smaller than a traditional sheet of looseleaf paper. Sometimes, however, the tablet doesn’t seem quite as useful as pen and paper—especially when you want to jot down some quick notes. Sure, Apple’s stock Notes app works fine, but only if you have the time to tap out your notes on the iPad’s virtual keyboard. When you need to scribble some notes down in a hurry, or when you crave the ability to scrawl down more than just typewritten text, it’s time to take a trip to the App Store.

  • 2011 in review: The year in iOS

    In 2011, as in 2010, iOS received a lot of attention from Apple. Apple introduced significant updates to its flagship iOS devices--the iPad and the iPhone. It added a new buying option to the App Store, perhaps rescuing the magazine industry in the process. It premiered an insanely powerful and brilliantly designed piece of software that proved unequivocally that iOS devices aren't just for consumption. And, of course, the company unveiled a significant upgrade to its touch-based operating system itself. And then a not-so-tiny upstart named Amazon tried to leap into the tablet computing fray, too.

  • Ten great free iOS apps

    Maybe there's no such thing as a free lunch, but iOS device owners certainly have their pick of free apps. While you're mulling over your choices for what apps to install on your new iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, consider these 10 options, which won't cost you a dime.

  • Three quick iMessage tips

    iOS 5 introduced iMessage, a new capability within your iOS device's Messages app that can send text, picture, and video messages to other iPhones without counting against your carrier's messaging plan.

  • Jawbone announces Up refund program

    Jawbone on Thursday published an open letter to Up owners, announcing a refund program for dissatisfied owners of the company’s step and sleep tracking armband.

  • Apple approves iTether app for iOS

    Late Monday, Apple approved iTether in the App Store. The $15 app’s description in the store is perfectly clear: iTether lets you connect your Mac or PC to your iPhone’s data plan—without requiring that you activate a tethering plan with your carrier.

  • Guide: to buying an iPhone

    While there are many dozens of Android phones on the market, Apple to date has released only five models of the iPhone. Only three are currently offered by Apple and its U.S. carriers (<a href="">AT&amp;T, Verizon, and Sprint</a>). Whether you're planning your first foray into the world of iPhone ownership, or an upgrade from a now woefully outdated first- or second-generation model, choosing which iPhone to buy is a decision that requires some thought. Your options: The <a href="">iPhone 3GS</a>, the <a href="">iPhone 4</a>, and the <a href="">iPhone 4S</a>.

  • You've got Gmail: Google's iOS app returns

    Two weeks ago, Google released a Gmail app for iOS. Thirteen days and 20-something hours ago, Google pulled that app from the App Store, citing an embarrassing error with the app's push notification support. On Wednesday, Google re-released the app with the notification error fixed.