Stories by Tom Mainelli

  • Rambus standard rolls ahead (slowly)

    Reports of the death of Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory have been greatly exaggerated. Critics of RDRAM say product delays and high prices killed the mem-ory standard before it could take hold. They argue that new, high-performance versions of SDRAM such as PC-133 and the upcoming Double Data Rate are less expensive and easier to implement.

  • Games console threatens the desktop

    he real buzz in the PC industry at the moment is about a game machine. Specifically, Sony's upcoming PlayStation 2, and the Emotion Engine processor that will run it. Developed by Sony and Toshiba, experts predict the high-tech processor will offer unprecedented gaming power. More importantly, it could provide the processing power for the PlayStation 2 to challenge cheap PCs as the entry-level device of choice for home access to the Web.

  • HP automates support for business PCs

    Hewlett-Packard is turning to the Internet to try to make life easier for its customers. A Net-based service that automates technical support for owners of HP business PCs is scheduled to launch in April.

  • Intel to Push 800 MHz Next Week

    Intel will escalate its speed war with Advanced Micro Devices next week, when the giant chip maker is expected to announce not only a 750-MHz Pentium III CPU that matches AMD's latest Athlon, but also an 800-MHz Pentium III.