Stories by Tom Mainelli

  • Transmeta pushes on, plans Astro launch

    Manufacturing miscues, management shake-ups, and a flagging technology industry have made for several tough years at Transmeta. Undaunted, the upstart chip maker is set to again challenge giant Intel, boasting a handful of new design wins and a brand new mobile processor.

  • Duron lives fast, dies young

    After about two years on the market, Advanced Micro Devices's budget Duron processor is being retired--and consumers may see some PC bargains disappear along with it.

  • Intel looks to excite tech consumers

    Consumers can expect many cool new technologies to emerge in the coming year as Intel and other industry leaders look to innovate their way out of the current PC slump, according to the company's lead executive.

  • Symantec raises subscription rates

    The cost of keeping viruses at bay just went up for users of Symantec's popular Norton AntiVirus program. The company recently increased the price of its necessary subscription renewal program from $US3.95 to $9.95 a year, drawing the ire of some vocal end users.

  • AMD unveils Sledgehammer specs

    AMD's first 64-bit processor, code-named Sledgehammer, has inched closer to reality after the company released the chip's instruction set manual to software developers late last week.

  • Micron kiosks open in Best Buy

    You no longer need a PC to order one from Micron Electronics. The direct PC vendor, which sells built-to-order PCs on its Web site (and by phone), is teaming with Best Buy to offer systems via kiosks in stores across the country.

  • Apollo slashes printer prices

    Hewlett-Packard subsidiary Apollo Consumer Products is marking a year of selling stylish, sub-$US100 colour inkjet printers by taking prices to a new low; with rebates, one new model sells for $19.

  • Dell unveils wireless net, new Latitudes

    Dell has grown its business product lines as of Monday, announcing its TrueMobile wireless networking package and adding to its Latitude line notebooks that support Intel's SpeedStep-enabled Pentium III processors.