Stories by Tom Mainelli

  • Antec's quiet, top-notch PC chassis

    Most do-it-yourself PC builders spend a load on high-end components - and then unwisely skimp on the case. For those willing to spend a bit more, Antec offers its new P180 Advanced Super Mid Tower.

  • Shuttle system powerful but noisy

    Shuttle's new bare-bones system, the XPC SN25P, lets do-it-yourselfers build a small PC with all the power and technology typically found in a full-size tower. Unfortunately, the end result is too noisy.

  • BTX gives motherboards a makeover

    Intel's new BTX (Balanced Technology Extended) specification gives motherboards a makeover. The company says that the new motherboard and chassis spec uses fewer fans, resulting in PCs that run more quietly, and possibly at a lower temperature, than those based on the aging ATX (Advanced Technology Extended) standard found in most of today\'s PCs. To that end, BTX boards sport significant changes in component layout and thermal engineering.

  • Sony, Nintendo unveil game handhelds

    Games are going small in a big way, with both Sony and Nintendo announcing powerful new handheld gaming devices on the eve of last week’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo).

  • E3 - Xbox gears up to challenge PlayStation

    Microsoft announced an expanded Xbox Live service and a long list of new games--including titles from gaming giant Electronic Arts--at an event Monday night preceding the kick off of the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

  • Analyst: Expect a 64-Bit desktop by 2006

    The transition from 32-bit to 64-bit desktop computers will happen dramatically faster than most experts have predicted, with many users switching within the next two years, one industry analyst says.

  • IBM, Stanford craft next-generation chips

    IBM and Stanford University have announced a new research group dedicated to the emerging science of spintronics, with the goal of creating prototype CPUs that complete computations through magnetism instead of today's electrical charge.

  • ITunes comes to Windows

    Apple has announced immediate availability of its ITunes Jukebox software and the second generation of its related music service to all computer users--not just Mac fans. Also new are a handful of features and accessories, plus plans to distribute up to 100 million free songs early next year.

  • Symantec raises subscription rates

    Symantec quietly increased subscription renewal rates for its entire line of security products at the end of last month, citing the rising cost of fighting viruses and other malicious code worldwide.

  • Apple unveils G5 computers

    Apple unveiled a slew of hardware products and software updates this week, including new desktop computers featuring the G5 processor, the company's first-ever 64-bit desktop CPU.

  • Symantec drops Norton Utilities

    Symantec has quietly stopped shipping the standalone version of its venerable Norton Utilities product, choosing instead to offer the software only as part of its SystemWorks suite.

  • First serial ATA drives hit store shelves

    Seagate Technology's first hard drives using the new, faster Serial ATA interface are finally making their way into brick-and-mortar stores, making it easier for the average PC performance aficionado to find them. However, while the move to real-world retail is significant, it doesn't necessarily signal the technology's move into the mainstream - yet, according to one industry analyst.