Stories by Michael Meehan

  • EAI vendors add more support for Web services

    Furthering their delivery of Web services support to corporate users, integration software rivals Tibco Software and Vitria Technology last week released tools that combine the emerging technology with business process management capabilities.

  • Cisco to increase network, app ties

    Cisco is plotting a strategy that is aimed at driving the networking market leader further into the upper layers of IT infrastructures, where it would handle functions more often associated with middleware than with networking hardware.

  • 3Com makes enterprise networking overture

    With new software to aggregate gigabit switches, a more fault-tolerant LAN core switch, and advanced redundancy features for mission-critical applications, 3Com last week jumped back into the enterprise networking market.

  • Oracle, Commerce One join B-to-B sourcing battle

    Even though there aren't as many passengers climbing on board these days, the business-to-business software bus keeps rolling forward as rival vendors try to match one another with online sourcing applications aimed at automating the process of finding suppliers.

  • Why computers crash

    It's safe to say that anyone who's ever worked on a Windows system has seen the infamous "blue screen of death." This solid blue screen with white lettering tells you that the system has crashed and gives you a couple of options. If you're lucky, all you do is reboot and redo all the work you just lost. But you could find yourself dealing with major system corruption.

  • Laptops in the cockpit

    The paper airplane is about to make its descent. Though flight was one of the great technological advances of the past century, cockpits have lagged in the computer age because no one has been able to transfer the expensive paperwork in a pilot's routine to an automated and foolproof system. Rigorous maintenance checks and the need for well-established procedures and audit trails have made cockpits one of the most paper-intensive environments in the world.

  • COMDEX : EDS integrates site design, IT support

    At Comdex 2000 earlier this week, consulting giant Electronic Data Systems announced the formation of a subsidiary that combines its teams of Web site designers with a staff of technical consultants responsible for working with users on back-end IT support issues.

  • GE launches giant B2B marketplace

    Expecting "tens of millions of dollars" in transactions before the end of the calendar year, General Electric's Global Exchange Services division has unveiled a business-to-business Internet marketplace available to all of GE's 100,000 trading partners.

  • IBM gets message and goes wireless

    Looking to take advantage of the burgeoning demand for wireless computing technologies, IBM last week released a version of its MQSeries messaging middleware that supports wireless devices such as mobile phones and personal digital assistants.