Stories by Christopher Breen

  • First impressions: iPod Photo

    I've handled every iPod ever made and I noticed immediately how hefty the box was compared to other iPods I've lifted. That extra bit of heft comes from an iPod that's nearly as thick as the original 5GB iPod, together with the usual ingredients - a power supply, USB 2.0 cable, FireWire cable, Apple earbuds, and the little box of instructions. The iPod Photo also includes a dock (with S-video connector along with the usual data/power connector and audio port), a case, and a heavy-duty AV cable that features both composite video and left/right audio connections.

  • Audio CD-writing for the Macintosh

    Creating custom audio CD-ROMs is no longer an exotic pastime practised by those blessed with more money than sense. CD-ROM writers, or burners, are now widely available and affordable enough for us common folk, and they come with software so simple that a reasonably bright chimpanzee could burn a CD.