Stories by Curtis Franklin

  • Two roads to wireless management

    Opinions abound on how best to provide a secure, well-managed wireless network. Products can focus on security or management, from a perspective of users-in or infrastructure-out.

  • IntruShield watches for unwanted visitors

    The first step toward dealing with a security breach is understanding that your security has been compromised. The McAfee IntruShield 2600, part of Network Associates’ family of network protection solutions, is an IDS (intrusion detection system) that uses a central management console application to collect information from sensors deployed at various locations throughout the network.

  • Mirra brings big backup home

    Recognition that the digital media files stored on your PC are more valuable than the system itself has prompted the design of Mirra, a personal storage server being unveiled this week by Ispiri.

  • SpectorSoft simplifies snooping

    Being nosy can be good for business. Although workplace privacy has become a hot-button issue for many unions and employee-rights groups, there are many legitimate reasons for an organisation to want to know what’s happening on its computers. From industrial espionage, to sabotage, and workplace harassment suits, it’s not hard to understand the strong financial incentives that may exist for keeping tabs on employees’ workstations.

  • Server scanners protect the network

    While many IT directors focus their antivirus attention on catching malicious code at the network border, complete virus protection includes regular file scanning to make sure nothing slips past the antivirus gateway.

  • Analysing wireless LANs

    Network managers are often forced to work “in the dark” when it comes to wireless networks. But tools for monitoring and analysing wireless networks are shedding light on 802.11a and 802.11b links.

  • Why now for Internet project management?

    Have you noticed all the attention going to project management these days? I don't mean that more and more people are using software like Microsoft Project, although I suppose they are. No, all of a sudden it seems that you can't turn around without running into a new software package for managing projects and the requirements for systems.