Stories by Jana Sanchez-Klein

  • Lotus Ships 'Sametime' Today

    Lotus Development Corp. plans to ship its Sametime 1.0 collaborative products today. The software will be available world-wide in 10 languages. Sametime is an instant messaging program that allows users to "chat" via typed messages and to share and collaborate on documents in real time. Five more languages will be available by the end of January, according to Bethann Cregg, product marketing manager for Sametime.

  • Customers rally behind SQL Server 7.0 release

    Microsoft president Steve Ballmer has announced the availability of SQL Server 7.0, the software giant's PC-based database, claiming significant improvements in performance over SQL Server 6.5. Ballmer admitted that favourable comparisons were made easier by the abundant deficiencies of SQL Server 6.5. "You must be asking, 'How bad were you?'," he said. "The thing to focus on is how good are we today?" he quipped to laughter from the audience attending Comdex Fall '98.

  • COMDEX: Lotus' Sametime in beta test

    Lotus is now offering beta test versions of its Sametime collaboration product, and will ship the product in 15 languages by the end of the year, company executives said yesterday. Sametime allows users to chat via typed, real-time messages and meetings or to share documents. Sametime, originally said to be part of the release of Lotus Notes and Domino Release 5, will instead be available as a standalone application and server, but it can be integrated with those releases.

  • Novell to provide directories for Sun's Jini

    Novell is in negotiations with Sun Microsystems to provide directory services for the much-heralded Jini platform, according to Novell's Christopher Stone, senior vice president of strategy and corporate development. "What Jini needs is a directory," said Stone earlier this week.

  • Baan, JDA form retail joint venture

    Baan and JDA Software Group have reached an agreement to form a joint venture operation aimed at providing ERP (enterprise resource planning) software to the retail sector. The 50-50 joint venture, to be known as Baan-JDA Retail, means that the two companies whose product offerings overlap somewhat in the retail ERP market space, will effectively join forces.