Stories by Steve Kaplan

  • Live by the PC, die by the PC

    All around the world, many of today's integrators evolved from PC reselling. So-called desktop integrators that are dependent on PC revenues face fierce competition, ranging from the new $US399 PCs to the low-cost, high-powered servers offered by Dell Computer. These erstwhile resellers aren't long for this world.

  • Death of a solution salesman

    "Sell solutions!" is the rallying cry at every vendor's sales training session. Manufacturers denounce traditional sales approaches that stress product benefits and closing techniques. They exhort integrators to sell solutions, not products. Of course, what they really want is for us to sell solutions that include their products. The solutions that integrators pitch to their customers reflect the manufacturers' self-serving agendas.

  • Profiting from Microsoft's woes

    Although I'm a long-time admirer of Noorda's vision for the computer industry, I urged him to rethink his practice of lobbying the government to investigate Microsoft.