Stories by Michael Christie

  • Jet engineers scramble for the ultimate rush

    Sydney to London in two hours? Australia to California in just over one? An international race is underway to flight test a hypersonic "scramjet" engine, which researchers believe will one day allow people to fly at 8,000 km (5,000 miles) per hour or more, making inflight movies and "economy-class syndrome" a thing of the past.

  • Tough refugee stance works, says Australia

    Videos of shark-infested waters, stark warnings of the perils of people-smuggling and taking a tougher line with would-be refugees may be working for Australia, despite outrage by human rights groups.

  • Sharks in Sydney-feeding frenzy or media frenzy

    Sharks, one of nature's most fearsome killers, are coming in increasing numbers to feed in Sydney Harbour, where every weekend hundreds of sailing boats dot the water and thousands of bathers frolic in the coves. Or are they?

  • Aborigines take on whites in glamour stakes

    Drunk, stoned and on walkabout? Australia's Aborigines are fed up with the stereotypes dogging the vast island-continent's original inhabitants and are taking on the white man where it hurts - in the glamour stakes.

  • "Made in Australia" tags on show as Europe beef banned

    An Australian ban on beef products from 30 European countries came into force on Monday with barely a whimper, as supermarkets cleared "minuscule" amounts of affected products from their shelves and delicatessens brandished "made in Australia" tags on their bockwurst and pates.