Stories by Matt Berger

  • Vendors join to standardise Web services

    It's long been promised that Web services would help form a quilt from the patchwork of IT industry products, sewing together software from partners and foes alike with the thread provided by common standards. But it turns out that software vendors may not all be using the same color thread.

  • MS/DOJ: Judge orders suing states, DOJ to formally part

    The Department of Justice and nine states who have agreed to settle with Microsoft in the government's landmark antitrust case today officially parted ways with remaining state plaintiffs who are continuing to sue the company in search of stricter penalties.

  • Upgrade at AOL causes homepage woes

    America Online's service for hosting Web pages is experiencing some outages as the company works to upgrade the servers and storage equipment that power it, a company spokesman confirmed Friday.

  • Microsoft rolls up Windows 2000 security fixes

    Trying to make good on its company-wide effort to increase the security of its software, Microsoft on Wednesday shipped a package of its latest security fixes for users of its Windows 2000 desktop and server operating systems.

  • LINUXWORLD: Group plans sturdier 'carrier-grade' Linux

    A group of major hardware and software vendors is expected to announce plans this week to develop a new version of Linux optimized for large servers used by the telecommunication industry, officials involved with the announcement said.

  • Netscape files antitrust suit against Microsoft

    Netscape Communications Corp., a subsidiary of Internet and media giant AOL Time Warner Inc., filed a lawsuit against Microsoft Corp. Tuesday, alleging that the software maker harmed Netscape with anticompetitive practices related to the Windows operating system.

  • What's a Web service? Experts want to know

    At a conference dedicated to the topic of Web services, the ability of experts to define the emerging technology and how it can be implemented in a business would seem to be a given. Coming to a consensus about what the term means, however, proved to be a challenge.

  • Adobe says it's committed to China despite piracy

    A spokeswoman for Adobe Systems said Monday that the company remains committed to developing Chinese-language versions of its products, despite comments reportedly made by its chief executive officer last week that Adobe could abandon the market because of software piracy in the region.

  • Jobs: Apple's 'i' products a business boon

    The growing line of 'i' products from Apple Computer is helping the company lure customers away from Windows to the Mac platform, Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs said Monday at the opening of Macworld Expo.

  • Patch blocks holes in XP

    Microsoft issued a security bulletin Thursday to users of its Windows operating systems, warning of three "critical" holes in the software that leave a Windows PC vulnerable to hackers when it is logged on to the Internet.

  • States put Nokia, SBC on the stand

    A list of preliminary witnesses that nine states and the District of Columbia plan to call to the stand in their continuing antitrust battle against Microsoft includes executives from two major telecommunication companies, a representative for the suing states confirmed Friday.