Stories by Matt Berger

  • Microsoft acquires security startup

    Microsoft has acquired a small maker of security software, strengthening its arsenal as it works to improve the security and reliability of its products.

  • Microsoft puts spotlight on 64-bit Windows

    Microsoft is clearing the fog around its move into 64-bit computing. At the Windows .Net Server DevCon conference last week, Microsoft devoted much of its time to a new 64-bit Windows release and accompanying applications, which are due to reach customers early next year.

  • Windows XP service pack close at hand

    The impending update to Microsoft's Windows XP operating system is expected to give end users more control over applications that launch by default on PCs as well as more advanced wireless connectivity.

  • Palm sued over handheld claim

    Hardware maker Palm is the target of a class-action lawsuit filed last week by two customers after the company revealed that one of its handheld devices couldn't display as many colours as advertised.

  • Xbox gets second supplier of video chips

    Focus Enhancements has announced that it has been chosen as a second supplier of video processing chips for Microsoft's Xbox video game console, a Focus executive said on Wednesday.

  • PGP finds new home with startup

    Network Associates has unloaded its software portfolio based on the security technology PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) to a startup launched Monday by a collection of security industry veterans.

  • Handspring Treo ready for 3G

    On the heels of the launch of the first 3G (third-generation) voice and data network in the US, handheld maker Handspring on Monday released the latest version of its Treo combination phone-PDA (personal digital assistant) that supports the wireless high-speed network.

  • Linux spending dips, but poised for growth

    Revenue from new licences of the Linux operating system declined last year, after a two-year growth spurt. However, a shift in the business model around the open-source operating system is setting Linux up for a boost in revenue to at least 2006, a recent survey suggests.

  • More updates and fixes for Windows 2000

    The latest set of updates and security fixes for Microsoft's Windows 2000 operating systems began trickling out on the Web late on Tuesday, including updates to the software that brings the company into compliance with parts of its proposed antitrust settlement with the US Government.

  • Sun launches J2EE certification program

    In an attempt to prevent the Java application market from fracturing, Sun Microsystems has announced a Java Verification Program for testing enterprise applications to ensure their compatibility with all application server software products that comply with the J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) standard.

  • Nasdaq delists WorldCom

    Troubled telecommunication carrier WorldCom on Monday said it would be delisted from the Nasdaq Stock Market before the opening of trading on Tuesday.

  • Microsoft .Net comes to Apache for a price

    Covalent Technologies, which sells software that sits on top of the popular free Apache Web server, announced a new version of its product that allows developers to use Microsoft's .Net programming tools to write Web applications that run on Apache.

  • Microsoft sees uptick in Q4 revenue

    Microsoft said yesterday that fourth-quarter sales grew from a year ago thanks to increased sales of its Windows and Office software products, but the company wrote off loses due to sour investments, which cut into profits.