Stories by Deni Connor

  • What SMBs expect from backup software

    Small and midsize businesses would rather chew tin foil, an industry pundit says, than spend money on enterprise backup software that is little suited to their needs. Senior Editor Deni Connor recently talked to George Symons, CEO of <a href="">Yosemite Technologies</a>, about what SMBs really need in backup software. This is an edited transcript.

  • EMC exec looks to the future

    At the recent EMC World in Orlando, chief development officer, Mark Lewis, sat down with IDG's DENI CONNOR to chat about the vendor's past, present and future.

  • Diligent offers midsize virtual tape storage packages

    Diligent Technologies, which has over the past two years focused selling to enterprise-sized businesses, rolled out the ProtecTIER Mid-range Entry Package and the Mid-range Standard Package, two hardware- software-based appliances that let customers perform disk-to-disk backup and deduplication of redundant data.

  • Storage grid standards: heralding an end to proprietary storage management

    The Open Grid Forum, a standards organization focused on Grid Computing, counts EMC, HP, IBM, Intel and Microsoft among its members. Mark Linesch has taken leave from HP, where he had been vice president of the adaptive enterprise program, to head the organization. He discussed advances in storage-grid standards, the differences between storage grids and clusters, and the convergence of server and storage grids with Deni Connor.

  • Free virtualization tools worth noting

    More and more IT shops are validating the benefits of desktop and server virtualization, from energy efficiency to better resource utilization. But if you're still leery of forking over big dollars for the technology, there are some low-cost and no-cost ways to give virtualization a try.

  • Virtualization drives storage management advances

    The convergence of server and storage management is slowly taking place as enterprises look for more automated ways of managing their data center assets. Spurring the trend toward convergence -- which remains somewhat hampered by a lack of available tools -- is virtualization technology.

  • EMC unveils high availability enhancement

    EMC Wednesday is expected to announce enhancements to its availability, performance and path management software that will help customers maintain uptime while migrating data or virtualizing their storage environments.