Stories by Deni Connor

  • Backup technology key to protecting virtual machines

    As the number of servers being virtualized grows, backing up and protecting them becomes more of a problem. It's not enough for IT administrators to simply back up each virtual server and its data. Protection also is needed for the virtual server's image -- its operating system, configuration and settings -- and the metadata on the physical server that identifies the virtual server's relationship to networked storage.

  • Why the Citrix/XenSource union is good for storage

    Today, we're continuing our look at why the recently announced union of Citrix and XenSource is good from a storage point of view. XenSource's XenEnterprise handles storage virtualization differently than VMware's Virtual Infrastructure 3, XenSource claims.

  • XenSource unwraps virtualization platform

    XenSource Monday rolled out its XenEnterprise v4 virtualization software which includes major enhancements that make it a rival to VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3. For instance, it contains a feature called XenMotion that allows the live migration of guest virtual machines to new servers and a new application program interface (API) that lets software vendors and original equipment manufacturers such as Symantec develop software that works with XenEnterprise.

  • EMC storage gear getting major upgrades

    EMC on Monday is expected to announce enhancements to its major storage systems that will include higher capacities, greater energy efficiency, and additional security and availability features.

  • Five things you don't know about EMC

    You may think you know all you want about EMC and its Symmetrix, Clariion and the other offerings. It would be a surprise, however, if you know what product EMC first introduced, how it makes use of a swimming pool on its property and how too much wine at a Passover seder contributed to EMC acquisition RSA Security's first product. To learn more, read on.

  • The top network inventors of all time

    Although boxing legend George Foreman, a judge on the second-year CBS reality show American Inventor, has yet to invent a network device, his Lean Mean Grilling Fat-Reducing Machine has been used by countless techies to quickly cook sandwiches and hamburgers after a long day in the data center.