Stories by Deni Connor

  • Compaq steals IBM's e-business buzzword

    Bill Gates was Compaq's best e-business salesman at Compaq's Innovate Forum '99, an event overshadowed by the company's current financial woes. Compaq copied the e-business term from IBM, which has spent millions popularising it. Compaq's NonStop eBusiness program is designed to help its customers offer a 24 by 7 Internet marketplace.

  • HP powers up new Unix server

    Hewlett-Packard has blown the top off its Unix server line with a new high-end model that includes up to 32 RISC processors and is designed to run heavy-duty data centre applications.

  • Eight-way Xeon servers on the way

    Vendors are readying eight-processor Xeon servers that early benchmark scores show will outperform their four-way counterparts. Performance among eight-way servers depends largely on two fairly new Intel technologies: the Profusion chipset and PSE-36, also known as the Intel Extended Server Memory Architecture.

  • Compaq advances state of NT clustering art

    The large-scale clustering of Intel servers is one step closer to becoming reality, thanks to a massive 72-node clustering demonstration conducted by Compaq. Recently, at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico, Compaq ran a trial of 72 clustered Proliant 1850R servers. The servers are part of a production network that Sandia uses for conducting government research.