Stories by Deni Connor

  • Vendors prep Itanium servers

    A slew of leading server vendors next week will announce machines based on Intel's long-awaited Itanium processor, but the promised advantages may not be dramatic enough to generate huge demand from the outset.

  • IBM's magic dust ups disk space

    IBM is developing a technology that it says will quadruple the capacity of a disk drive and dramatically increase the amount of data that can be stored on disk.

  • Entrada Network rolls out IP storage router

    Entrada Networks has introduced its Silverline router that promises to let companies bridge storage area networks (SANs) over WANs to replicate data or transport storage natively over IP.

  • EMC targets NetApps with NAS device

    EMC last week was out to shake up the network-attached storage (NAS) market with a fault-tolerant device aimed at customers flocking to high-flying Network Appliance for its fast, relatively inexpensive storage appliances.

  • Novell financial strife fuels rumours

    Novell posted woeful financial results recently amid fresh speculation about a possible takeover by IBM and musings from analysts as to how the company might make enough money to keep its technologies intact.

  • Giganet steps into VI/IP storage space

    Networking vendor Giganet last week announced new server adapters that promise to boost network performance when transporting storage data to network-attached storage (NAS) appliances. The network adapters will use a technology called Virtual Interface over IP (VI/IP). The technology routes blocks of storage data using the message-passing Virtual Interface architecture and IP over Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet, effectively doubling application throughput and reducing server and network utilisation by five times, the company claims.

  • SAN vendors joust over Fibre Channel future

    "Fibre Channel is dead." That was the controversial conclusion of one participant in a heated debate about storage area networks (SANs) over Gigabit Ethernet held at the SAN 2000 conference recently in the US.

  • Sun debuts network-attached storage gear

    Sun Microsystems has entered the high-end network-attached storage (NAS) market with a family of file servers that allow those managing networks at dot-com companies, enterprise workgroups and service providers to add up to 10 terabytes of storage to local Ethernet networks.

  • New NetWare embraces Web apps

    Novell next week will launch a public beta of NetWare 5.1, the company's most ambitious attempt yet to penetrate the Web application server market now controlled by the likes of Microsoft and the Sun-Netscape Alliance.

  • Veritas buys NuView

    Veritas continued its acquisition spree last week by snapping up NuView, a network company specialising in clustering management software. Terms of the agreement were not announced.

  • New multiprocessor servers may be on way

    A pair of ex-IBMers think they have a better way of building low-cost multiprocessor servers. Ted Scardamalia and Lynn West, both of whom worked in RS/6000 development, have formed a company dedicated to building Intel-based systems that scale linearly to as many as 64 processors.