Stories by Erik Larkin

  • Hold off on Google Health

    Google Monday opened its Google Health site to the public. The service holds real promise to help people take control of their health records, as does a similar offering from Microsoft called HealthVault. They could also help streamline health care and contain costs. But until two major privacy concerns are fixed, I have to suggest holding off on using either one.

  • Web attack worm infecting hapless sites

    The Internet Storm Center, which tracks online threats, warns Wednesday that a worm is infecting vulnerable Web sites with a database attack. Though relatively small by Web attack standards with about 4,000 reported infected sites, the assault adds invisible code to a site that can force visitors to download malware onto their PC. Bad PR, to say the least.

  • Tech companies lead 'most innovative company' list

    Tech icons Apple and Google top BusinessWeek's 2008 list of The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies. This year's ranking adds three financial data points - revenue, margin growth and stock returns - to survey results from company executives and senior management to decide which business belts out the brightest innovations.

  • Symantec releases beta of Norton AntiBot software

    Symantec announced late Thursday a <a href="" target="_blank">free public beta</a> for its new Norton AntiBot software that attempts to identify malware on a system by analyzing its behavior.

  • e vs Browser War

    Version 7 of Microsoft's dominant Web browser arrives just before version 2 of the up-and-coming Firefox browser. So which new browser is the best bet?