Stories by Leo Yethonga

  • Channel bonding at LANmania

    The channel is still in recovery mode after over 500 people last Wednesday squeezed into Star City's Cave nightclub. And by all accounts the evening well, err . . . pumped.

  • Who is this guy??

    And who was that guy in Tabloid last week?? Well, we have a winner for naming the competition! Michael Rebiffe fro Prion was the first to email Tabloid with the correct answer. The mystery man was John Dale, network integration manager at Sydney integrator Autodata Solutions.

  • Weekend with Bernie

    Don't worry, we didn't kill anyone like that other weekend with Bernie, but he did get his research wrong. IDC's longboard riding, pony-tailed surfer and long-time industry analyst, PC guru Bernie Esner, has misread the weather maps and set off to North Queensland, expecting to bump into some cyclonic swells.

  • Harvey bags Online

    Tabloid can only speculate that incessant bugging by journalists has led the retail king to consider e-tail bagging a healthy form of relaxation.

  • HP gets warm & fuzzy

    We considered entering HP into Tabloid's prestigious "Blatant PR Plug Hall of Fame", but where the sick kids at Sydney Children's Hospital are concerned it's a different story.

  • Myer's Geer cops a rowdy channel jeer

    Bickering between national retail chains and Australia's IT distributors is only to be expected when the two institutions trade blows over who has the better supply chain model.


    What could they be thinking? This one comes straight from the "Stating the bleeding obvious" department.

  • TABLOID: Are you being served?

    Life must be pretty cruisy on the sales floor over at the retail juggernaut of retail juggernauts, Harvey Norman. A Tabloid spy reports that the nearest thing to a sure sale breezed in and out of one of HN's metropolitan Sydney stores.