Stories by John Moltz

  • The Tao of Apple rumours

    Apple had a big week last week, announcing two larger iPhones a well as the fabled Watch that was foretold in ancient prophecy. (A year ago is ancient history in technology.)

  • Opinion - What Apple does best: reinventing, not inventing

    If you've ever been in an online forum or on a general technology news site's comment thread pertaining to an article about Apple, well, God help you. But if you are such a glutton for punishment, you've probably heard it before: "Apple never invented anything!"

  • The sad state of Apple rumours

    It's a weird time for those of us who've followed Apple rumors for years. (And I'm not the only one who has noticed.) At the risk of sounding like your prototypical hipster, today's rumors just aren't as good as they used to be. The devices that we hear whispers about now - a smartwatch, a television, a cheaper iPhone - seem lacklustre compared to the rumored products of days past--products that, when they actually appeared, changed entire industries.

  • Moving target: Apple's next move is more important than its last

    The past weeks have seen an eruption of speculation about iPhone sales. The furore was sparked by reports from the Wall Street Journal and Nikkei citing unnamed sources who said that Apple had cut orders for iPhone 5 screens, possibly by as much as "half." As a result, Apple detractors have begun their end-zone dancing prematurely (15-yard penalty), while Apple supporters have said, "Seriously with this?"

  • Coming Attractions: Windows 8

    Let's get a couple of things straight right off the bat. First, it's absurd to take the opinion of an obvious Apple partisan like me about Windows 8. I've been using the Mac for more than 20 years, so it's going to take a Star Trek-level time-travelling reboot to get me really excited about the next version of Microsoft's operating system. Second, I can't really review Windows 8. No one can. Even with a preview release set to arrive early next month, Windows 8 isn't due in its final form for months. Who knows? Maybe, like a movie, Microsoft will spice it up with a car chase or a happy ending.