Stories by Alexandra Krasne

  • Power PCs still lack Windows 2000

    A new high-end business PC should run the newest, most powerful operating system, right? But if your preference is Windows 2000, you may have to wait - particularly if you want a DVD-ROM drive.

  • Microsoft updates Office 2000

    Even though Office 2000 was launched last June, you're probably still trying to figure out what half of the new bells and whistles do. Learning the new suite can keep you too bogged down to give much thought to downloading bug fixes and updates. But now Microsoft has readied Service Release 1.

  • First Windows 2000 virus found

    As Microsoft developers were diligently developing code for Windows 2000, so too were developers from the dark side -- virus writers -- busily preparing the first batch of their infectious code.

  • Windows millennium may finally be drawing near

    Beta-tester and Windows-user sites are abuzz with reports that the final code for Microsoft's consumer operating system Microsoft Windows Me (short for Millennium Edition) will be ready sometime in May. Microsoft plans to release Windows Me on May 26, according to Paul Thurrott's WinInfo Windows News and Information Site. But Thurrott doesn't indicate the source of his information, nor any confirmation by Microsoft.

  • Delayed Windows Millennium beta ships

    About 5000 beta testers didn't receive their CD-ROMs containing the debut beta of Windows Millennium last week as expected. But Microsoft sent beta 1 out the door Tuesday morning, after a three-day delay.