Stories by Rebecca Munro and Tamara Plakalo

  • Vertical markets: an Ixla of success

    Local software developer Ixla is preparing to spread its wings and fly the coop, after listing on the Australian Stock Exchange and launching a Web portal to a receptive and mostly American audience. The Melbourne-based photography software company placed 6.4 million ordinary shares on the ASX at $3 a share, reaping in $19.2 million from the Burdett Buckridge Young-facilitated float.

  • Security blanket

    Incessantly buoyed by the likes of Chernobyl and Melissa and with its annual growth measured in billions of dollars, the security market is swelling to astronomical proportions. But in the time-critical world of data protection, the importance of technology needs to be balanced with management issues and the need for timely information. Is a shoulder to cry on a reseller's main weapon in the security game? Rebecca Munro takes an in-depth look and Tamara Plakalo reviews the latest product offerings.

  • Dell's direct threat intensifies

    The Dell direct threat cranked up another notch last week when it announced a $US16 billion OEM deal with IBM which observers believe sets the groundwork for Dell to become a total technology provider. While resellers contacted by ARN recognised the threat, they questioned the ability of Dell to scale up its direct model. Dell also announced, a new online store which will sell not only Dell hardware but 30,000 computer-related products and services from many different brands as well, according to the company. The site will go international by the end of the year.

  • Online Sales sets Ericsson's site on e-business

    Company-controlled Web sites seem to have gained popularity over the more tradit-ional and technically demanding sites managed externally. Recently, it was the telecommunications giant Ericsson who decided the time was ripe not only to revamp its Web site, but to also take charge of its management as part of the company's preparations for the expected Internet trade boom.