Stories by Laurence Grayson

  • LCD monitor looks good in motion

    Though not the fastest LCD on the market, the 4ms response time of the NEC MultiSync 90GX2 makes it highly suitable for gamers, or anyone who watches a lot of TV or video on their PC.

  • Sony fails to deliver winning score

    Few video producers have the budget for a custom musical score, or the time, equipment and musical skill to create one. With that in mind, so Sony has released Cinescore 1.0.

  • Near-perfect privacy

    Because USB thumb drives are easily mislaid or stolen, they are a real security issue. It's possible to use software that encrypts the portable data by creating a password-protected partition, but this needs to be installed on any PC that needs to read the data.

  • Hover mouse is battery-free

    It's not as sleek as Apple's Mighty Mouse, nor as obsessively gamer-centric as Razer's Copperhead, but Dicota's Hover mouse has a trick up its sleeve.

  • Symantec adds spyware to security suite

    Symantec's latest security suite now includes a new anti-spyware element. Having tried this while it was in its beta form, we weren't hugely impressed, finding that it failed to block many common spyware applications (like Hotbar, Xupiter, and Total Velocity).