Stories by Pete Young

  • Contractor rates dip for bottom line win

    Corporate Australia is going through one of its periodic re-balancing acts between contract and permanent IT staff. Both groups have been under pressure in a complicated scenario, which has seen contract rates dip and permanent staff numbers tighten.

  • BIG YARN: They just don't get IT!

    While IT was certainly on the agenda this election, neither of the two major parties seemed to understand just how much pain the IT industry is going through. Many resellers were happy with the result simply because a change of government would have meant further instability

  • WA laptop deal stirs GST debate

    A $40 million deal negotiated by the Western Australian Education Department will land 14,000 Acer laptops, shorn of GST, in the homes of WA teachers.

  • HP gets the axe out again

    Hewlett Packard is quietly making fresh cuts to its Australian workforce on top of the worldwide reduction of 6,000 jobs announced last August.

  • Win2000 migration goes at a sedate pace

    Feedback from Microsoft Windows 2000 projects reveal domain consolidation followed by server consolidation and desktop lockdown are the most popular features with customers.

  • MS makes enterprise customers pay

    Enterprise customers will pay dearly as Microsoft moves toward its long-term goal of software-as-a-service, according to Gartner analyst Alexa Bona.

  • Lack's lustre shines through the ages

    Veterans of IT reseller wars know all about microscopic margins and markets turning to mush. But there's an upside to the experience: survive a tour of duty in channel country and you learn skills that come in handy wherever your career leads. Just ask Martin Lack.

  • Shaw's Savior cometh

    Ray Shaw is used to grabbing tigers by the tail. The Brisbane businessman's repeated public revelations about unsavoury practices in the PC reseller industry have made Shaw a target for death threats and hacker attacks.