Stories by Melanie Pinola

  • Windows 8 features for laptop users

    Microsoft showed off many tablet-centric features from its radical redesign of Windows 8 at its BUILD developers' conference on Thursday, but still promised to support desktop and laptop users who own interact with their computers using traditional keyboards and mice. All the swiping and pinching aside, the BUILD conference gave us a peek at some advantages the upcoming operating system might have for laptop users.

  • Spider Phone transforms into laptop, tablet, gaming device

    Motorola's Atrix and newly announced DROID Bionic smartphones</a> can dock into laptop accessories, but they have nothing on this transforming device: A KT Spider smartphone hybrid that can turn into a laptop, tablet, or even a PSP-like handheld gaming device.

  • Samsung Special Edition Series 9 Laptop Packed

    If run-of-the-mill laptops -- or even the shapely Samsung Series 9 introduced earlier this year -- just aren't dazzling enough for your tastes, Samsung's special edition luxury versions of its Series 9 ultraportables may be the solution for you.

  • Toshiba Portege Z830 billed as lightest 13-inch laptop

    The flow of announcements of light and thin Ultrabooks is starting to strengthen after yesterday's Lenovo's <a href="">IdeaPad U300s</a> and today's <a href="">introduction from Acer of its Aspire S3</a>.

  • Asus Plans to Unleash Five or More Ultrabooks in October

    There will be no shortage of thin, light, and affordable laptops to choose from this fall--at least from Asus, according to reports of the company's plans to launch five to seven Ultrabooks in October. Even better, some of these models are set to be well within the sub-$1000 target price that consumers seem to want.

  • Lenovo ThinkPad tablet hits the market

    Lenovo’s business-orientated tablet, the ThinkPad Tablet, is now available for order and should start shipping within a week. The 10-inch Android device, which Lenovo officially announced a little more than a month ago, boasts an impressive mix of consumer and business-friendly features that might please both you and your IT department.

  • Google+ floodgates open

    Inviting friends to Google+ is a lot more straightforward now. That's welcome news to users of the Internet search leader's growing social networking service.

  • Bummer: Asus and Acer Ultrabooks to cost over $US1000

    New reports indicate that Asus and Acer will, in fact, not be pricing their upcoming Ultrabook laptops under $1,000, contrary to expectations and Intel's guidelines for this new class of thin-and-light laptops. This is a major disappointment. The combination of high performance and long battery life in an ultraportable form factor--for under $1,000--is pretty much the Holy Grail of laptops.

  • Three great alternatives to the new Macbook Air

    On Wednesday, Apple announced boosted specs for its ultra-slim MacBook Air laptops. The update included second-generation Intel Core i5 processors, new Thunderbolt connectivity, more storage space, and the return of the backlit keyboard.