Stories by Melanie Pinola

  • Five good laptop bargains to consider

    Laptop manufacturers are hard at work updating their laptop lines and making new models using Intel's latest Ivy Bridge processors. If you're in the market for a new laptop, however, it may make more sense for you to buy a slightly older laptop running second-generation Sandy Bridge and save a few hundred bucks. Here's how to decide which purchase is your best option.

  • First Ivy Bridge Ultrabook laptops to launch on June 5

    Intel's third-generation processor family - code-named Ivy Bridge - have been launched but the first round of 13 of the quad-core chips was reserved for high-end desktops and laptops. These first-round chips will not go in mainstream computers or even trendy Ultrabooks.

  • What will Windows 8 touchscreen laptops look like?

    Windows 8’s touch-centric interface will help to usher in a new wave of laptops with tabletlike touchscreens. To make it easier for users to tap and swipe on even superthin Ultrabooks, laptop makers will break out of the traditional clamshell shape and introduce laptops with more unusual designs.

  • Acer pushes Ultrabook to a 15-inch display, DVD

    Acer has launched one of the first 15-inch Ultrabook laptops to date, the Aspire Timeline Ultra M3, at CeBIT. The Timeline Ultra M3 offers several hardware features of mid-size mainstream laptops -- such as an optical drive, discrete graphics card, and large 15-inch display, but in a thin Ultrabook package.

  • AMD targets Ultrabooks, shows 18mm Trinity Notebook

    AMD is preparing a super-thin laptop that could give Intel-based Ultrabooks a run for their money, with reportedly better graphics performance and battery life. The 18mm-thick reference laptop, which AMD showed at its recent financial analyst day, was built by Compal and showcases AMD’s next-generation Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), codenamed Trinity, which is due later this year.

  • IN PICTURES: CES 2012 - gadgets on show

    2012 Consumer Electronics Show: From high-definition video calling via your HDTV to practically indestructible SD cards for your camera, here's a look at 20 gadgets and services that will be making a splash at the Las Vegas Convention Center