Stories by Tom Allen and IDG staff

  • Early PIII reaction positive

    The early reaction to the launch of the Pentium III by the OEM market appears to be positive and, according to distributors, the pre-launch publicity has generated strong interest and demand. Synnex product manager Kee Ong said that the company had run its own Pentium III promotion for system builders, including a free graphic card, and described the response as "amazing". He added that the incremental cost of a PIII 450 over a PII was "only about $60", and this has not been difficult for system builders to justify.

  • Good news and bad news from AMD

    Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) launched its fastest K6-2 processors to date at Comdex/Fall '98. The company introduced models of the processor with 3DNow! Operating at speeds of 366, 380 and 400 MHz, which it claimed puts it only one speed grade behind market leader Intel's high-end 450MHz Pentium II processor.