Stories by Crackmonkey and Mr Bad

  • Techie Jargon: Part Two

    Last week Tabloid showed you the first chapter in Crackmonkey and Mr Bad's "How to win a technical argument", for shooting down your know-all techie friends with an array of geek vocab. Just in case your victim had managed to squirm out of their hole after your blisteringly articulate attack, here's part two to put them back in their place.

  • Techie Jargon: Part One

    We've all been there, in full flight in the middle of an argument regarding the commercialisation of a new technology when WHAM, the techno jargon gets right out of control and we lose the plot. One minute you are talking rollouts then suddenly a reference to some beta version of an obscure, but clearly ground breaking, technology places you on the defensive.