Stories by Danny Allen

  • The World's Fair and Technology: 8 Amazing Highlights

    Before CES, Macworld Expo, Comdex, or Computex, game-changing inventions often made their public debut at the World's Fair. Since the London World Exposition of 1851, this celebration of culture and science has introduced countless marvels to the masses. Think the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, rocket ships, the steam engine, futuristic concept cars; even electricity. Here we'll focus on ideas that shaped some of the tech products and entertainment we enjoy today

  • Apple's rivals scramble to match the iPad

    Few people doubt that 2010 will go down as the year the tablet computer took off. On April 3, the first day of sales, Apple sold 300,000 iPad tablets to eager buyers. Weeks later, Apple announced that it would delay by one month the international launch of the iPad because it couldn't keep up with domestic de­­mand. Meanwhile, other tech companies are gearing up to ride the wave by prepping their own tablet PCs.

  • Slate Wars: 15 Tablets That Could Rival Apple's iPad

    So the iPad has arrived to what can only be described as excessive fanfare. But will tablets become the gadget of choice for consumers who want to kick back and browse the Web, check e-mail, read an e-book or magazine, play games, or watch a movie? It's debatable

  • AT&T Cuts Refurbished iPhone 3G (8GB) to $US49

    AT&T used Twitter last Friday evening to announce that a refurbished iPhone 3G -- specifically, the black 8GB model -- can now be picked up for just $US49, while supplies last. That's half the price of an unopened 8GB model. A refurbished 16GB iPhone 3G (black or white) costs $US99.

  • 8 rockin' YouTube remixes

    Video upload sites like YouTube provide the perfect platform for the creatively twisted to add their own unique spin to music videos and Internet memes. From parodies to remixes of single songs to mashups of many, you can find some pretty innovative stuff out there.

  • Feature-packed photo printer

    Canon's new PIXMA iP6700D photo printer is the successor to the company's iP6600D, one of the best products of 2006. The iP6700D is first and foremost a photo printer. In our tests, it produced high-quality prints on photo paper; images were vibrant, but skin tones were a bit too bronzed.

  • Flybook and Libretto are miniature marvels

    The Test Centre puts "you beaut" high tech products through their paces every day, but once in a while we get something so snazzy it turns us into show-off school kids - like Dialogue's new Flybook ultra-portable tablet PC and Toshiba's Libretto U100 notebook. They are miniature marvels.

  • HP Compaq TC4200 Tablet PC

    Have you noticed the surge in new Tablet PC products in recent months? They're just like normal notebooks, but with screens that can swivel around and fold over the keyboard. This lets you navigate Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 with a stylus pen and use built-in functions for handwriting and speech recognition.

  • Putting tablets to the test

    On November 7, 2002, Microsoft’s vice president of emerging technologies, Dick Brass, unveiled the Tablet PC to Australians as part of a simultaneous worldwide launch.

  • STORAGE: Data - A consuming passion

    The consumer storage market is said to be growing at the rate of 150 per cent per year, with the industry brimming with forays into new areas such as optical and digital storage. At a time when consumer confidence is low and spending for computers and peripherals is in doubt, how has the consumer storage market managed to buck the trend and sustain growth?