Stories by Nathan Taylor

  • Still wired

    Ports are up, but profits are down. Across the board, wired networking for SMBs has been stagnant - but now broadband, VoIP, affordable gigabit Ethernet and new management technologies look set to give the segment a much-needed boost.

  • BIG YARN: Big 5 - Separating the church from the state

    The witch hunt is on in corporate America. With the collapse of Enron and the apparent complicity of its accountant/consultancy firm Arthur Andersen, allegations of dodgy practices and conflicts of interest have sparked a crack-down on auditing and consultancy firms alike.

  • NETWORKS UNPLUGGED: Who they gonna call?

    In 1999 and 2000, some big providers of networking gear thought they could get into the game of providing outsourcing services, believing that their knowledge of the products qualified them to successfully implement applications in the field. Most notable among these entrants were Lucent and Nortel.

  • NETWORKS UNPLUGGED: Managed network services

    New technology, economic conditions and evolving expectations have changed the shape of network outsourcing. Data centres and MSPs struggle while those who deliver cutting edge technology and top-flight security reap the rewards. How will it all evolve?

  • STORAGE: The only way is up

    Taking the pulse of the storage industry reveals a business that's down, but not out. So where is the industry at, and where's it going?

  • BEHIND THE SCENES: All aboard the Windows XPress

    In Microsoft, there is one man with overall responsibility for getting Windows versions out the door. Iain McDonald is the project director for the Windows XP development team, and one of the 35 or so Australians working in the development team at Redmond, Washington. Overseeing the construction of the new OS, McDonald was in charge of most of the design decisions that went into the final product. His goal: "To bring the stability of Windows 2000 to everybody."