Stories by David Margulius

  • MANAGING IT: Are you the IT guy for family and friends?

    Support is a top IT cost centre these days; one we're all focused on measuring and reducing. Yet one aspect of IT support doesn't appear on any budget or balanced scorecard: the amount of time we spend supporting our friends and family with their IT issues. Let's call it personal IT.

  • Enterprise Insight: From the Analysts: HP to buy Symantec

    I just got a mysterious one-line BlackBerry message from a well-placed tech-industry figure. It was a single, terse question in the subject line, no body: "Do you think HP will make a play for Symantec? ... I do". I'm pretty sure the message wasn't meant for me, but for some other Dave in this guy's address book, because when I emailed back, there was no response. But it got me thinking. Is HP about to take out Symantec? Is it so obvious that I'm the only one who doesn't know? Would it even make sense?

  • IT certifications attacked

    Standard Issue: A few weeks ago, I wrote about how the US is losing momentum in IT certifications growth, compared with emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, India, and Latin America.

  • TECHNOLOGY: Networking gets edgy

    What began with Victoria's Secret stores in the US may soon be coming to a WAN near you. Since the late 1990s, high-traffic Web sites have used CDNs (content delivery networks) from companies such as Akamai Technologies and Digital Island to handle peak loads and special events such as the Victoria's Secret webcasts.