Stories by Paul Glen

  • Talking to the Business: Our Problems, Their Visions

    The first meeting for a project is a tense affair. There can be a lot of new things coming at you all at once. New co-workers. New technology. New processes. And, perhaps most problematic, new business partners.

  • Processes and the people factor

    As an IT management consultant, I look at a lot of processes. They're everywhere. And so are the misconceptions about what makes them useful.

  • Time to build support for tough decisions

    Over the past couple of years, IT managers have been forced to make a lot of tough decisions. Budget cuts, layoffs and project cancellations became commonplace occurrences. But just because we may be seeing <a href="">the beginning of an economic recovery</a>, that doesn't mean we're at the end of the hard choices.

  • Tofu and grapefruit

    When constructing project and management teams, I’ve always found it’s important to pay attention to more than just the tasks that need to be accomplished. The personalities of the people who would accomplish those tasks influence the success or failure of the team as much as the skills that they bring. But in times of emotional stress, personalities become even more important than they are during ordinary times.