Stories by Carol Sliwa

  • Users losing faith in Netscape browser

    Uncertainty over the future development of Netscape Communications's Navigator browser is causing concern among corporate users -- and prompting some to switch to Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

  • Upstart Java clone backed by Microsoft

    A small software company in Berkeley, California, created a mild stir in the Java world last week when it announced that its independently developed, small-footprint virtual machine for embedded systems will add support for Microsoft extensions.

  • E-Commerce trio on tap from Netscape

    Netscape is expected to launch a trio of new electronic commerce offerings this week, sources said. The new offerings are part of the CommerceXpert Suite. TradingXpert, to sell for $US100,000, aims to help large and midsize businesses, as well as telecommunications companies and Internet service providers, set up online trading communities and manage the transactions with their partners and suppliers. "I think that TradingXpert creates the potential for trading communities to grow -- especially as it's going to be marketed through the new (America Online-Sun Microsystems) partnership," said one analyst. Included in the product are several Web-based electronic data interchange (EDI) forms, including purchase orders, purchase-order acknowledgments and invoices.

  • GemStone server reduces middleware code cutting

    The application server market is flooded, but GemStone Systems offers a different twist: a built-in object database that is well suited to the Java programming model. Now that the GemStone J 2.0 application server - announced recently - supports the Enterprise JavaBeans specification, developers won't have to write middleware code that starts and stops transactions, checks security, stores data in the database and manages the user session.

  • Wal-Mart claims raided IT staff

    US retailer Wal-Mart Stores this week filed a lawsuit against and its chief information officer, as well as and a venture capital firm that funded both operations. Wal-Mart charged that they all violated the Arkansas Trade Secrets Act because they recruited and hired at least 10 Wal-Mart employees with unique and intimate knowledge of the retailer's proprietary data warehousing, distribution and merchandising operation.

  • VisualAge for Java in Beta with Updates

    IBM's updated VisualAge for Java tool, released this week in beta form, promises to boost performance, ease legacy connectivity and give developers more options for building enterprise-scale applications.