Stories by Chris Nerney

  • Whatever happens to Samsung, Android is safe

    Ever since Samsung emerged first as the dominant global seller of Android phones in 2010, and then as the world's largest seller of smartphones (in 2012, the South Korean electronics giant has been seen as a threat to Google, which licenses its open source mobile OS to Samsung and several other manufacturers.

  • Gage-ing the networked future

    You don't interview John Gage. You pose an initial question, and then sit back and listen as he launches into a 20-minute discourse that answers that first question and every other one you planned to ask. Gage is chief science officer at Sun Microsystems, and in a world filled with bogus Internet visionaries, he is the real deal. Besides co-founding Sun, he is also founder of NetDay, a project to wire computers in US schools to the Internet. Gage sat down to discuss the Internet, Java and Jini with IDG's Chris Nerney (who managed to get in a few questions anyway).