Stories by Mark Hollands

  • ANALYSE THAT: Banging the lifecycle management drum

    There is a buzz around storage. No, honestly … it’s true. This comparatively sleepy backwater of technology is starting to push its way into the spotlight by spruiking the benefits of so-called Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).

  • ANALYSE THAT: The wind of change

    It has long been popular to characterise hardware, especially PCs, as a commodity. The word is used as a semi-insult to indicate there is next-to-no profit to be made from them, and playing in that space is a mug’s game.

  • ANALYSE THAT: Making a note of refresh opportunities

    The cascading price of notebooks was always going to have an impact on the sale of desktop PCs in the business arena. Hard evidence of that change has emerged in a new survey, which looked at the buying strategies of 300 Australian companies for PCs and notebooks.