Stories by Ephraim Schwartz

  • launches SAAS platform

    With the announcement on Monday of Salesforce Platform Edition, finally unveiled its long-term strategy to become the sun around which revolves an infinite number of SaaS (software as a service) planets.

  • Cisco unveils IPICS for emergency services

    Taking the concept of unified communications back to the old-school world where first responders and emergency service workers still use walkie-talkies and police radios, Cisco has unveiled IPICS (IP Interoperability Collaboration System) 2.0 for interoperability.

  • Google Apps aims beyond Microsoft Office

    Following Google's announcement that it would offer an enhanced version of its Google Apps, dubbed Google Apps Premier Edition, the company left no doubt about the direction in which it was heading.

  • REALITY CHECK: High tech's consumer envy

    If anything convinced me that the 20th century ethic of high-tech companies being technology-driven is over, it was a panel discussion held during the recent <a href="">DEMO 2007</a> conference. If you're the type who mocks the marketing guys and prefers to hear from the tech guys, you're making a big mistake. Like it or not, in the 21st century the marketing guys will rule the roost.

  • SAAS continues to smash on premise

    SAAS (software as a service) continues its onslaught against traditional on-premise applications this week with two announcements that reveal the increasing depth of the on-demand model.

  • Intel to put pre-standard 802.11n in Centrino

    During a presentation at the IEEE Globecom 2006 Expo in San Francisco on Tuesday, Alan Crouch, director and general manager at Intel's Communications Technology Lab told the audience to expect Intel to put a pre-standard version of IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi into its Centrino chips by next year.

  • Google puts a face on Google Apps

    This week, Google will put a face on Google Apps for Your Domain, released as beta last August, when it unveils Start Page, a customizable home page for single users and organizations that will aggregate all of the Google applications.

  • Reality Check: Lessons learned from the HP scandal

    No sense pointing the finger at HP anymore; we have Congress and the FBI to do that. But I did want to discuss the "I didn't know what my employees/ vendors/executive staff were doing" defence - which was, of course, made famous by Enron, so you have to know it just won't do. Instead of looking backward, I spoke with a couple of experts on governance, privacy, risk and compliance assessment about how companies can do the right thing in the future.

  • Reality Check: Is LCD supply manipulation afoot?

    The Crystal Cycle is an industry term that refers to shortages in the supply-and-demand cycle for LCD displays. When notebook PCs started taking off, we saw the first shortage. There was another serious shortage with the emergence of 14-inch and 15-inch notebooks, and a third when LCD desktop displays took off.